Wednesday, June 30, 2010

9to5 Colorado Seeks Communications and Public Relations Intern

9to5, National Association of Working Women, in its fourth decade of strengthening women’s ability to win economic justice, is seeking a volunteer Communications and Public Relations Intern to augment its national media and new media work. Intern would work under the direction of the National Public Relations Coordinator and work collaboratively with other staff.

Position is based in 9to5’s Denver office.

Minimum requirement is 10-20 hours per week.

Tasks may include:

  • Compiling and updating media lists
  • Phone and email pitch work
  • Exploring effective and appropriate social media to enhance organizing work
  • Writing online content
  • Other administrative tasks related to media outreach and social networking work

Required skills:

  • Basic understanding of traditional and new media
  • Competent writer
  • Familiarity with Twitter, Facebook, You Tube, Flickr, blogging, etc.
  • Good communicator
  • Evidence of strong interest in women’s rights, policy issues, civil rights, social and economic justice
  • Demonstrated ability to work well with diverse populations

Women of color, lesbian/bisexual/transgender women, women with disabilities and older women are encouraged to apply. Please send a letter of interest and/or resume to Rosemaryh [@] 9to5 [dot] org.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

9to5 Colorado Needs Board Members!

9to5 Colorado needs a couple new board members! Please read the information below.

If you are interested in applying to be a board member, email a cover letter and resume to 9to5colorado [@] 9to5 [dot] org.

9to5, National Association of Working Women – Colorado Chapter

In 1973, a group of office workers in Boston got together to talk about issues which had no names: sexual harassment, work/family challenges, and pay equity. From this beginning, 9to5 emerged as the national organization dedicated to putting working women's issues on the public agenda. 9to5's constituents are low-wage women, women in traditionally female jobs, and those who've experienced any form of discrimination.

9to5's Colorado chapter was founded in 1996 and is dedicated to the issues that directly affect women in the workplace. We work to involve women in improving policies addressing pay equity, work/family issues, sexual harassment, discrimination, welfare, unemployment and protections for temporary and part-time workers.

Our mission is to build a movement to achieve economic justice, by engaging directly affected women to improve working conditions.

Our vision is an economically just world where poverty and discrimination have been eliminated, the contributions of women are recognized and valued, and all women and their families thrive.

9to5 is committed to:

  • Winning family-friendly policies to help working people balance responsibilities at home and on the job.
  • Making nonstandard jobs voluntary and equitable so that those who work part-time or as temps receive fair pay and benefits.
  • Eliminating workplace discrimination through educating about legal rights on the job, monitoring enforcement agencies, and expanding anti-discrimination laws.
  • Opposing punitive welfare policies and backing those that allow women to be self sufficient while supporting their families.

Board Members’ Responsibilities:

  • All Board members should be familiar and agree with the purpose and goals of the organization, and fairly and accurately represent them to the public.
  • Make every effort to attend and participate in regular Board meetings each month, emergency Board meetings, chapter events, activities and campaigns. If unable to attend a Board meeting, Board members should notify a Co-Chairwoman or staff member prior to the meeting if possible.
  • Be familiar with issues that will come before the Board, and upon which you will be expected to make decisions for the organization. Read all material sent out by the chapter chair. Prepare reports on area of responsibility when assigned.
  • Actively participate in fundraising activities and be responsible for reviewing fiscal policy.
  • Participate in Board planning retreat and set goals and timelines for organization’s programs and activities.
  • Be as visible as possible. Help build the organization by actively recruiting new members and training new leadership.
  • Agree to abide by the Code of Ethics.

Code of Ethics For Chapter Members:

  • Each Member is equally important. All opinions are welcome.
  • Disagreement is healthy. We agree to express concerns or anger directly with each other and are willing to accept the feedback. We seek to do this in a caring, non-destructive way, avoiding generalizations, accusations, and abusive language. If necessary, the Co-Chairwomen of the Board and/or other Board Members may facilitate the discussion.
  • We seek to create an atmosphere where everyone can contribute, where quiet members are encouraged and involved by others, where opinions and feelings are shared openly, and where no one person dominates the meeting.