Monday, February 22, 2010

Show Your Love: Support Paid Sick Days

On Valentine's Day, many of us ate a meal out with a loved one -- whether it was at a family burger place or a higher-end restaurant. In this recession, restaurants are thriving. But many restaurant workers are not. They are literally starving for better working conditions.

A new report from the Restaurant Opportunities Centers United (ROC), a nonprofit advocating for better wages and work conditions, revealed that 90 percent of those who work in the restaurant industry lack paid sick days. In addition, the report revealed that 67 percent go to work sick, endangering the public health.

So, to keep the Valentine's Day spirit alive, show some love for servers, cooks, busers and other workers in the restaurant industry. Pick up a restaurant comment card, or write a note on your bill, supporting paid sick days for every worker in the restaurant industry. Let restaurant managers and owners know that paid sick days are not only good for workers but good for the public health, too.

Leave a note. Spread the love.

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