Thursday, March 31, 2011

Join 9to5 Today to Support Women's Equality!

I joined 9to5 because women still do not have the equality in the workplace that they deserve. As a student, advocate, and believer in female equality, 9to5 struck me as the most progressive organization for achieving the ultimate goals of equal wages, ending workplace discrimination, and raising support for family friendly policies. 9to5 supports individuals through our sexual harassment hotline and seeks bigger change through legislative policies. It is important to advocate for your beliefs, which is why I believe you should join 9to5 today.

9to5 is not just for women. By becoming a male member, you are establishing your support for workplace equality and fighting to end the deep system of discrimination. A male 9to5 member is fighting to protect the rights of their mothers, sisters, daughters, friends, spouses, and more.

Please become a 9to5 member during our membership drive. Your support helps maintain our Job Survival Helpline that serves thousands of women who have no where else to turn, funds our workshops, keeps us pursuing the family first legislation each year, and connects you to a community of like minded individuals who are working for a greater cause. Thanks for your support!

By Josh Murphy, 9to5 Colorado Intern

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