Thursday, November 4, 2010

All number initiatives defeated by a landslide!!!!

This fall, we educated and mobilized hundreds of thousands of Coloradans to vote. Working in collaboration with 8 other organizations as Engage Colorado, 9to5 helped lead unprecedented efforts to implement massive coordinated electoral efforts throughout the state. Engage Colorado made over 850,000 attempted canvass, phone, and mail contacts in Denver, Adams, Arapahoe, Boulder and El Paso counties. We were encouraging voters to oppose all 6 detrimental statewide initiatives, and on November 2nd we defeated all 6 initiatives!
  • Amendment 60 (75% voted NO) would have cut money for schools by 50%, cut thousands of teaching jobs, increased class sizes and cut after-school programs
  • Amendment 61 (73% voted NO) would have wiped out construction jobs and halted work on vital community projects like water treatment plants and school construction
  • Amendment 62 (70.5% voted NO) would have severely limited a woman's ability to make choices about her own reproductive health
  • Amendment 63 (53% voted NO) would have dramatically increased health care costs
  • Proposition 101 (68% voted NO) would have eliminated funding for schools and safe communities
  • Proposition 102 (62% voted NO) would have compromised public safety, costing our communities millions of dollars – while increasing the income of bail bondsmen.
9to5 Colorado also led our own canvass program in Lakewood, making over 11,000 door-to-door, phone and mail contacts with voters on all 6 statewide ballot initiatives and also on the extremely harmful local Ballot Question 300 - the Vehicle Impound Initiative which would have unfairly punished people driving without their drivers license on them. We worked to defeat this measure in Denver in 2009 and our great canvassing team was once again successful in Lakewood this year: Ballot Question 300 was defeated with 63% voting NO!

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