Thursday, November 11, 2010

Apply Now for the Colorado Women's Appointment Project: We Need You!

The Colorado Women’s Appointment Project is here. And we need your help!

“Ultimately, we find that women, regardless of their age, partisan affiliation, income, and profession, are significantly less likely than men to express interest in seeking public office. We link this persistent gender gap in political ambition to two factors. First, we find that women are significantly less likely than men to view themselves as qualified to run for office. In addition, women are less likely than men to receive encouragement to run for office from party leaders, elected officials, and political activists. Together, these findings shed light on reasons for women’s continued under-representation in politics.” Why Don’t Women Run for Office? Issued by the Taubman Center for Public Policy Brown University

This message is meant to ENCOURAGE YOU to apply for various positions (some paid, some volunteer) in the new Governor’s office. You are qualified and you are officially invited!

What is The National Women’s Appointment Project?

Nearly 100 years after the right to vote was finally acknowledged, women are 52 percent of our populations but only 17 percent of Congress. We’re still waiting for our first female president, vice president, or Senate majority leader. It’s not just that a healthy democracy needs to be truly representative. Solving the complex problems of the 21st century America requires political leadership, experience, and wisdom that draw on all of our resources – not just 50 percent of them.

Based on Ambassador Swanee Hunt and Massachusetts Lt. Governor Kerry Healy’s shared vision of political parity across the United States, the Women’s Appointment Project was created. The goal is simple: start a movement to create political parity at the state level, where women hold an average of 31 percent of the cabinet and high level position in administrations nationwide. Women already run major universities and Fortune 500 companies and serve as generals. We know there are many qualified women for these positions – so let’s introduce them to the governors.

What is the Colorado Women’s State Appointment Project?

Inspired by the National project, it’s with pleasure that we introduce the Colorado Women’s State Appointment Project 2010 to you. The mission of this nonpartisanproject is to encourage and recruit women statewide to apply for an appointment on boards, commissions, or in agencies within the new gubernatorial administration that was elected this November. The Latina Initiative is the lead on this project. They have engaged The Women’s Foundation of Colorado, The White House Project, The Center for Work, Education and Employment, Mi Casa Resource Center for Women, The Colorado Women’s Bar Association, 9to5 National Association of Working Women, The Latina Chamber and the Women’s College of DU, The Colorado Civic Engagement Roundtable, The Rocky Mountain Children’s Law Center and Colorado Women in Government. These groups, along with several legislators and energized individuals, comprise the Steering Committee of organizations leading this effort to ensure we have a rich, diverse pool of women from all corners of the state included.

What are we asking of our strong, female constituents?

We want you to apply for a high-level Governor Appointment or one of the many boards and commissions throughout our state. That’s what we want! The Foundation has strong ties to amazing women throughout the state. Women who are eager to give back to their communities and get involved. Women with vast experience who can make an impact on state rules and regulations. You are a natural fit for this work! Review the list of amazing appointments through the website below, fill-out the brief form, upload your resume and get involved! The CWAP will then review all submissions and take those most qualified to the new Governor (in November and early December) and urge him to appoint you to his various open positions. Essentially, The CWAP will serve as your advocate.

Send Us Your Applications and Help Fill These Important Governor Appointments in 2011:

Please help us by encouraging women in your networks to fill out the application located on our website so they may also be included in this project (applications are being accepted now). On this site, we have included information to answer any questions about the process and offer inspiration on the rewards for serving to potential appointees from women who are currently serving on and have served on boards and commissions around the state.

We look forward to working with you to increase the number of women in appointed office in Colorado. Please contact Juanita Chacon, Interim President of The Latina Initiative, at for more information.

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